MyTHDHR is the primary portal for employees who work at Home Depot. In addition, there is a separate portal, LiveTheOrangeLife, which has proven to be very useful for company employees.

The LiveTheOrangeLife portal primarily includes medical benefits for Home Depot, health care, and vacation employees. To access these facilities, employees must log in to MyTHDHR.

Note: Saving your password is the best option for you if you don’t know how to remember it the next time you log in.

LiveTheOrangeLife Account Creation Process

  • In your automated browser for the deaf, open the company’s official website, then LiveTheOrangeLife.
  • Log in as a new user. Enter all your details on the registration page. Being an employee of the company is a mandatory criterion to leave the site.
  • Once the details of the Home Depot employee have been verified, you will need to provide basic information about yourself, such as: B. Your date of birth and other information.
  • If you entered your information correctly, tap Next and enter your email address and phone number to link to your account.
  • Now create your username and password, which you will use when logging into your account.

Note: You will need to select and answer the security questions that will be used when you want to reset your password.

LiveTheOrangeLife Login Steps

  • Go to the official website of LiveTheOrangeLife on your smartphone or PC.
  • Go to the login page. If you have any issues or problems, please check your internet connection.
  • Please enter your username.
  • Enter the case-sensitive account password. (If you forgot your password, tap I forgot my password to change it by answering some security questions you selected during activation or in your mythdhr portal account.)
  • Touch Login to access your available medical and vacation facilities or worksheets.

The LiveTheOrangeLife portal is an online portal for Home Depot employees. It’s like the MyTHDHR portal. Employees can access their annual financial and medical benefits program directly through the portal.