MyTHDHR provides access to My Orange Ladder, Home Depot’s career management software and self-service providers (ESS) for Home Depot employees. The MyTHDHR website is available on the Internet, but you will need a valid consumer ID and password to log in. The next helpful tool, My Apron, for Home Depot employees is easily accessible from store computers.

As an individual at MyTHDHR, you must understand the functionality of this website. So you can make the most of this employee page. These are the resources to use on the House Depot employee website.

MyTHDHR Portal Features

Worker Self Service

This feature allows you to perform various tasks related to your job as well as your job. What are you going to do? Cash.

  • Activation of the payment card.
  • Synthesis review of the book.
  • Right tank activation.
  • Publication of payment and tax declaration.
  • Address.
  • Leave the LOA (Absence Leave).
  • Employee bonus.

House Depot values ​​the efforts of its employees. Thus, Home Depot offers, among others, services to employees to improve their quality of life and their career. This service contract applies to all Residence Depot employees. Whether you work part-time or full-time, you can benefit from it.

To show its commitment to employee recognition, The Home Depot has a dedicated benefits website called Live the Orange Life. It can be found at LiveTheOrangeLife.com. Below is a list of Home Depot benefits.

Part-Time Employees

If you work part-time as a partner, you can live insured and covered by health insurance. It covers the sight and also a dental need.

Permanent Employees

The permanent or salaried team benefits from more advantages. For example, they can enjoy clinical benefits including visual, dental, and clinical. You can also take out disability insurance, breakage insurance, accident insurance, etc.

Life and Work Conveniences

House Depot enables employees to improve the quality of their work and their lives. Therefore, Residence Depot helps cover a wide variety of plans.

Financial Benefits

House Depot also offers the economic benefits of the Employee Engagement Strategy, 401 (k) Strategy, Bank Bonus, and Direct Deposit.

Group Advantages

The services used by this group are home or car insurance, veterinary insurance, as well as the list of legal obligations.


Home Depot allows employees to take their time. In this way, the employee can enliven his mind. Because of this, they can perform much better when they return. The Home Depot covers sick leave, vacation, individual travel, time off from military service, powers of attorney, legal obligations, and employee bereavement days.

You can check your workflow by visiting the MyTHDHR portal. You can also establish your own routine. This allows you to request time off for travel or other immediate activities.


This attribute provides information about routine and attendance. Just go to MyTHDHR Kronos if you want to see the daily schedule. So you can know the date and time you need.


Home Depot offers workers wages on payroll or through direct deposit. So you definitely won’t get the bill. To view payroll, you will need to access Home Depot’s MyApron Pay information.