When you are a Home Depot employee, you have the flexibility to choose plans and programs to suit your individual and family needs. You can take advantage of Your Total Value and Home Depot compensation programs and services available at MyTHDHR.

There are benefit plans not only for full-time employees, but also for part-time employees. If you are an eligible parent, including a same-sex partner, you are welcome. This situation is also covered by most of the MyTHDHR portal plans.

MyTHDHR Login Portal Benefits

Medical Benefits:

You can use your medical services at MyTHDHR. Benefits included-

  • Your dental and visual aid.
  • If you are disabled, you can take advantage of your disability insurance.
  • Home Depot offers life insurance in addition to your employment.
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) insurance for you and your family.

Financial Benefits:

Home Depot offers a variety of financial benefits, including:

  • MyTHDHR offers a FutureBuilder 401 (k) plan that will protect your future.
  • Get an Employee Participation Plan (ESPP). Very impressive!
  • Banking and direct deposit incentives for your work. This makes your payments and transactions easier.

You can enjoy all these benefits on the MyTHDHR login site.

Leave and Off-Time Benefits:

  • Holidays and stays are offered according to your personal needs. The MyTHDHR login portal process is very flexible.
  • You will receive permits for your vacations and vacations. Completely free domestic tours are also offered every 5 years.
  • Personal / sick leave is generously offered with the health of employees in mind.
  • You can use your license (including military leave) for rush jobs, exams, etc.
  • Early vacations during the mandatory jury, no questions asked.
  • Permission for days of mourning. All possible hands are held.

Associate Work And Life Benefits:

Home Depot takes great care of its employees. You can enjoy your professional and personal benefits on the MyTHDHR portal. The advantages are :

  • Refund of tuition fees for your university studies if you are a student.
  • They have moving assistance if you have just moved to the city.
  • Team Depot volunteer events to connect with other Home Depot employees.
  • A matching gift program will be offered to you to take advantage of rewards and offers.
  • Help with the adoption of animals. If you are an animal lover you should be in luck.
  • METDesk: support for loved ones with special needs
  • You will be rewarded with member discounts at all Home Depot stores. You can easily access the coupons in your MyTHDHR login account.
  • Smoking cessation program and tax preparation reduction program for your well-being
  • Long-term support in your professional development project.